Theory & Production

Step Up Your Musical Act with Music Theory Lessons and Music Production

Turn to Innate Music Education in Anchorage, Alaska, for music theory lessons, live studio recording and music production services. Improve your understanding of music as well as benefit from my experience in performance and production to take your music to the next level.

Music Theory

Do you want to enhance the quality of your music? Learn the basics of music theory to create more complex arrangements and make your music more interesting. Gain insight when listening to and speaking the language of music by having a deeper understanding of music theory and structure My music lessons are perfect for singers and songwriters looking to write their own music. Contact me to learn more about taking music lessons.

Music Production

In a recording band or want to be? I have skill and training with several Digital Audio Workstations like Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Acid and others. I provide professional sound from bigging to end with proper microphone techniques and tasteful mixing. Add a little something special to your tracks with my music production services. I offer anything from simple voice-overs to large multi-track session recording services. Live and studio music production and mixing services are both available for you from Innate Music.

Band and Performance Consulting

Get organized and get your band performing and in the spotlight sooner. I can help you make your practice more productive so you get more done in less time. Contact me to learn more about band consulting.

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