Music Lessons

Kids! Adults! It’s not too early or late to learn to play an instrument. Private and personalized lessons give you an edge with learning and provide motivation. Great if you want to learn your favorite song to sing around the campfire or just delve deep into the theory, language and beauty of music.

Guitar Lessons

Guitar is such a versatile instrument. And can be as complex or simple as you want it to be. You can get to playing your favorite songs, soon, without even learning how to read music!. Though, you could spend a lifetime trying to master this rich and expressive instrument.

Piano Lessons

Piano is a wonderful instrument to learn if you want to play and understand music. It’s also featured in almost every style of music. The knowledge you gain from playing the piano is transferable to any instrument. Many people find moving on to other instruments after learning piano to be easier.

Bass Lessons

Very fun and easy to get started! Lay down the fat, the funky, and the fresh. Keep it tight and in the pocket. However you play, the bass guitar is the heart and soul of the beat!

Mandolin Lessons

The mandolin is a very underestimated instrument! It lends itself to more styles than you would think. It’s often portrayed as a country and folk instrument but it can be heard in Pop and Jazz. Even big Rock’n’Roll names like Green Day, Led Zeppelin, and the Beatles used the mandolin. Also, its small size and big sound make it great for travel!

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