Unleash your inner musician

Express Your Musical Side with Personalized, One-On-One Music Lessons

Learn to master your instrument with music lessons from Innate Music Education in Anchorage, Alaska. I am instructor, Nathan Foerster, and I take a personal interest in my students. During your lesson, we cover fundamentals and technique while learning music that you like! I can identify and teach you to work through difficult areas of study. I take pride in helping others reach their goals. I teach Guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Piano and Music Theory for songwriters! All styles and all abilities are welcome. I teach out of a great location next to the Alaska Club South. I can also teach in your home.

Beginner Music Lessons

Explore your musical creativity with beginner music lessons. This is a great way to get started on any instrument in any style. My music lessons move at your personal pace in a very supportive environment. I will help you set goals and meet them! Ask me about private one-on-one music lessons as well as small group music lessons.

Intermediate to Advanced Music Lessons

In intermediate to advanced music lessons, you will be able to hone your skill on your instrument. I teach you about style and progression. Learn barre chords, solo improvisation in any style, complex rhythms and more. If you want to improve your technique, these are the music lessons for you.

Contact me at (907) 317-2676 to learn more about music lessons, theory, production, recording, and engineering. and get started today!

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